LINK4 – insurance selling system

A seemingly easy job turned out to be a complex operation with this memorable project.


Link4 Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeń SA, established in Poland in January 2003, is the first insurance company to provide Polish drivers with direct vehicle insurance, i.e. car insurance obtained via phone or the Internet.

Tailored insurance policy

In April 2005, Link4, as the first insurer on the Polish market, introduced online vehicle insurance. Since then, the clients can calculate the premium and sign an insurance contract for a predetermined amount of coverage. That project helped Link4 to gain initial experience in online sales and shape the desired sales mechanism.

Following the implementation of a new internal Production System, Link4 decided to develop a new online sales system for car insurance policies. e-point SA was assigned to the job, which included:

  • designing a new, ergonomic sales system
  • developing the system
  • integrating the online system with the internal Production System

System development process

The complexity of the project went beyond our expectations.

The ergonomic sales process within the System for Calculation and Sales of Vehicle Insurance Policies proved impossible without a thorough understanding of policy calculation and management mechanisms within the internal Link4 Production System. In addition, the Production System itself required changes to simplify management processes within the online system developed by e-point. Further complicating the situation was the fact that the new Production System was not complete, so the understanding of it was neither deep nor widespread enough.

Therefore, we decided to expand the project to an additional analysis phase, which helped e-point and Link4 designers understand the logic of the System for Calculation and Sales of Vehicle Insurance Policies and the Production System. It also verified initial targets and redefined the functionality of the calculator and changes to the Link4 internal system.

Then we prepared a system functional design with detailed information on specification of particular fields and screens, including links and transitions between them, as well as the full technical documentation and graphic design of the calculator.

Following the analysis, the project carried on seamlessly. However, the integration of both systems was challenging for both partners. System integration was initiated as each of them entered the final implementation stage. We could not wait to launch the Production System to fine-tune our project, as both systems had to be started at the same time. The old insurance sales system would not have worked with the new Production System.

The conception of the System for Calculation and Sales of Vehicle Insurance Policies marked a new stage, application optimization, with the goal to increase the conversion ratio, i.e. the ratio of insurance policies sold to people entering the calculation process. The optimization introduced several minor changes and verified impacts of those changes on buying behavior of the users.

In order to deliver the solution for Link4, we used our standard project management procedures, including such aspects as change management and risk management. We are often uncertain whether those procedures suit medium-sized projects like the one for Link4. However, that project was so variable that formality of the procedures enabled project teams to manage implementation process effectively.

At the end of the project implementation stage, due to criticality of the entire solution, we extended our partnership with Link4 to such services as system maintenance at the Link4 data center and solution maintenance. Thus, e-point SA can provide Link4 with high levels of SLA performance, guaranteeing optimal use of the application.

Project effects

Increased policy sales volume, as compared with the previous solution, is the most important effect of the project.
The new system is easy, ergonomic, and time-efficient. The customers do not have to leave their homes to choose their preferred insurance scheme, pay for it, and then save or print the policy. As soon as the policy is purchased online, the customer receives all documents via e-mail. The time needed to buy a policy is minimized. The policy holder can also select the level of coverage, e.g. the type of accident insurance, assistance, or authorized car repair shop services.