Every IT system is a creative combination
of multiple subsystems working in synergy

Discover the areas of technology in which we excel. As a trusted provider, we inspire innovative global solutions and delight our Clients with advanced high performance transactional systems. We have also been developing proprietary programming platforms, which allow us to satisfy our Clients’ complex needs better, faster and cheaper. We want to share our know-how with other Developers throughout the world.


Enterprise CMS with intuitive visual Page Builder for creating RWD websites

ActiveContent is a platform for advanced corporation web portals. Apart from the RWD support, it enables widget based web design, providing total control over widgets with the template manager, and helps manage web page versions and publication dates.

With unlimited access to HTML, CSS and JavaScript codes, it is possible to implement any graphic design or interaction.

Integration with Google Analytics and support for A/B testing helps explain website visitor behavior. With ActiveForms, a tool for creating web forms, sales processes can be initiated via the platform.

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Rich Form Builder: the more you want, the more you get

ActiveForms is a professional tool for creating and running web forms. Basically it contains three main parts:

  • Visual form builder for creating internet forms
  • Runtime for forms - engine for collecting
    data from created forms
  • API which allows integration with domain systems

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Natural Extension to Java Enterprise


OneWeb is a natural extension to Java Enterprise that lets you proceed from system concept to implementation quickly and smoothly.

OneWeb is a technical reflection (formalized in code and documentation) of the knowledge and experience we have gained over more than a decade of developing advanced Web solutions.

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A modern IT system is a creative combination of multiple subsystems working in synergy.

API (Application Programming Interface) enables the exchange of information between the application and external software. In the case of web applications, most commonly accessed by a web browser (e.g. Firefox or Internet Explorer), an API provides an alternative method to download data or perform operations. Recently, it’s become more popular for mobile applications to communicate through a server’s API.

Services conforming to REST (Representational State Transfer) guidelines are also web services, but they are “lighter” than WebService. REST does not involve such complex standards and features, as is the case of WebService, but provides only a set of general guidelines, which extends the functionality of HTTP 1.1. Due to the ease of implementation and ability to base integration not only on XML, but also on increasingly popular JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) data format, most of our applications’ APIsare built in accordance with REST.

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